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Here at the Sheriffs Highway Veterinary Group, we aim to provide the best possible care for your pet. We of course also recognise that there are often financial constraints which need to be taken into account when deciding on a course of investigation and treatment. Our priority is to treat your pet as well as we possibly can, and so we will often discuss the finances when an ill animal is presented, to be certain that a course of action is suitable.

As a guide:

  1. A full consultation fee will apply to a fifteen-minute appointment (consultation) with a vet, including a thorough health check. Follow-up consultations are usually charged at a reduced rate.
  2. We have set fees for vaccinations and neutering. Please see a list of our typical prices for routine procedures HERE.
  3. If your pet is ill and requires diagnostic, surgical or medical interventions, we will provide you with a printed estimate at your request and discuss potential cost prior to beginning any work so you can make an informed choice for your pet.
  4. Our fees are the same whether your pet is insured or not.

Methods of Payment

Our policy is that payment should be made at the time of treatment - unfortunately we do not operate a credit system or routinely send accounts.

We are of course delighted to accept cash, and will also accept cheques with a valid Cheque Guarantee card. We also accept most credit and debit cards (but not American Express and Solo). 

Clients with an outstanding balance on their account will routinely be sent a reminder the day after their visit to the practice, and then further statements will routinely be sent in the middle and end of each calendar month.

If you have made a recent payment, this may not be reflected in your current statement. Please feel free to call us if you think your statement is incorrect.

Value for Money

Costs reflect service. At Sheriffs Highway Veterinary Hospital, we make no excuse if some of our prices are higher than other vets. Cheap does not necessarily mean value and we aim to provide the best possible value for money. Our clients expect care, facilities and a level of professional services that are above average. As a result of this, some of our prices are also above average.

Don't forget that we all have pets too so we know what your pet means to you – the same as ours mean to us!

At Sheriffs Highway Veterinary Hospital, caring for your pet isn't our job – it's our life. So trust us to make your pet's life long, happy and healthy.